Artificial intelligence is unbeatable in news reporting in Bangladesh


Artificial Intelligence Aparajita presented news on Channel 24, a private channel of Bangladesh for the first time. Aparajita, Channel 24’s statement including a thorough account of the incident…

July 19, Wednesday. 7 p.m. Channel 24.

Two news anchors appeared on the TV screen as usual. One is Israt Amin, the other is Farabi Hafeez. News presentation started. After about 11 minutes they called another anchor to deliver the news. Introducing this presenter, Israt Amin said, ‘This is the first time in the country, an artificial intelligence is reading the news like us. This is what Channel Twenty Four is going to do.’

Then Farabi said, ‘For the first time in the country, Artificial Intelligence “Aparajita” is connecting with us for news and programs. Aparajita, welcome to Channel Twenty Four. What news have you brought for the audience, what is left for you on the first day?’

At this time, a young news anchor can be seen on the right side of the screen. Ghee colored blazer over navy blue shirt. Head slightly tilted, neat hair, dark pink lipstick on the lips, drawn eyes. Just a young woman. He paused and said, ‘Farabi, thank you. Like you, I will try to read the news. I don’t know how much will be possible. Visitors, welcome, I am Aparajita. I am the first artificial intelligence presenter in Bangladesh’s television industry on Channel Twenty Four.

Aparajita then delivered the news. He uttered the words haltingly, though there was no expression on his face. The metallic feel is evident in the neck. Aparajita left after delivering the news for about five minutes, talking to the reporters, thanking the audience.

Through this, the journey of AI presenter, i.e. news presenter with artificial intelligence, started in Bangladesh with the help of private television channel 24. 

The use of artificial intelligence is spreading in various fields. Everyone started to feel this revolution by creating artwork with text or sentence input using midjourney. Then ChatGPT revolutionized the concept of artificial intelligence overnight. Currently, Hollywood artists have also made a movement with artificial intelligence. Because, its use has started in various films. The recent Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny movie using machine learning and CGI technology to bring out the young form of the old Harrison Ford has also stirred up the discussion.

The journey of artificial intelligence in news coverage started last April. Kuwait News’ artificial intelligence ‘Feda’ is the first AI news distributor. On July 9, Odisha Television Limited (OTV), a private television station in India, commissioned an artificial intelligence called Lisa to read the news. Then L AI presenter Aparajita took Channel 24 to Bangladesh.

Talat Mamun, Executive Director of Channel 24, said to Vigyanchinta, ‘We want to start the work. Various such software and webkits are available. But making it fit for live television, and serving it all up, was quite a challenge. We have only begun, but we still have a lot to do. But as a start we are quite satisfied with it.’

He also said, ‘Aparajita has appeared in front of everyone as a presenter in a news. Gradually he will be present at various events. Aparajita will also be seen in the technology-based control event. In the future, the number of presenters created by such artificial intelligence will be increased. The number of their presentations will also increase.

Abdul Qayyum, senior news editor of Channel 24, said, ‘Artificial intelligence has many positive benefits. So we also wanted to keep up with the times in terms of technology. We have organized this for that purpose. I hope that AI technology will make a difference in the history of the country.

Aparajita is entirely built on artificial intelligence technology software. His appearance can only be seen on screen. Talat Mamun said that their channel’s IT department and production department created Aparajita by purchasing the original software. Thinking is a long time. But the plan has been in full swing for the past couple of months, after which Aparajita has been slowly built over 15 days. There were several sample voices, from which one is now selected. Various challenges of live broadcasting have been worked on and solved.

Talat Mamun said, news anchors are given cues and news, Aparajita has been given everything in the same way. Aparajita is in the news by converting that text into words with artificial intelligence. He is also talking to his co-presenter.

‘Why is the AI ​​news anchor named Aparajita?’ In response to this question, Talat Mamun said, ‘Don’t lose. It has been named as the first artificial intelligence newsreader in the country.

Day by day Aparajita’s technological development will continue. His screen presence will increase. Aparajita will be seen on the screen of Channel 24 one day a week from today.

However, the question remains as to how this use of artificial intelligence will affect different job sectors. I talked about the movement of Hollywood artists. Apart from this, graphic designers and artists have raised questions about the use of artificial intelligence. There are also questions about the copyright or ownership of such contents. The discussion on the answers to these questions has started in different countries of the world. Many countries and regions, including the United States, the European Union, are already in dialogue about it. As everyone understands, AI regulation or the marketing and use of artificial intelligence needs to be developed.

However, there is no longer any doubt that artificial intelligence is becoming a part of our lives.

Author: Associate Editor, Vigyanchinta

Source: News 24 , Prothom Alo

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