Who will raise questions about abuse of government power, negligence or failure? Ordinary people have no power to do anything about it. If they don’t know what’s going on where, they’ll question it—or how?

Recently came across a new term – Gangster Democracy. I can say rogue democracy in Bengali. This word is used to describe the current state of Russia. Russia is a democratic country on paper, with regular elections. I would say fairly free elections.

But the real owner of the country is a very small group, whose clothes are called oligarchs. They do not do anything to stay in power. If you speak against it, you will be jailed for sedition. Tan-blowing thrown from the 42nd floor! Threatening to kill such a person by eating poison.

Russia’s ‘Gangster Democracy’

This work is done by almost all other clan leaders. Think of Syria or Venezuela as examples. But Russia has taken this gangster democracy to such a level that it cannot be called unique or exceptional. His job is to destroy the state’s mint and pet real gangsters. One of these gangsters is Yevgeny Prigoshin.

Three weeks ago he suddenly rebelled against Russia and marched with his army to capture Moscow. His rebellion ended within 24 hours. The interesting thing is that he was not given any punishment for such a terrible crime, on the contrary, he was arranged to stay abroad with his son-in-law Adar. Within a week, it was learned that he had returned to Moscow without going abroad and the head of state himself had a private meeting with him.

I have read in the newspaper that a letter has been sent to the relevant ministry from the concerned department, but the minister could not get up while reading the letter. That is about the month of January. Hopefully, he has taken the time to read the letter these days. Let us inform the readers that the matter is not one or two rupees, but about 600 crore rupees.

So far we have come to know that the man is the owner of a private company called Bhagnar, whose business is to deploy mercenaries abroad. But now I know, no, it is not actually privately owned, it operates under the direct supervision of the Kremlin. Khaikhrach, that too comes from the Kremlin. This brother’s company has earned a reputation for brutality by deploying mercenaries in Syria and several African countries.

They have been so successful in this task that the military government of Mali has removed the UN peacekeeping force there and left the burden of security assurance in their hands. Apart from mercenaries, Prigoshyn and his company have had great success in other activities, and that is to interfere in the elections of various countries.

By Prigoshyn’s own admission, the Internet Research Agency—a company with such an innocuous name that he runs from St. Petersburg—actually aims to snoop on election campaigns in the United States or various European countries. Many believe that Prigoshin’s research agency played a major role for Donald Trump in the 2016 US presidential election.

Russian President Putin himself has admitted that his government has spent a lot of money to feed Vagnar. After searching Prigoshin’s house, two truckloads of about one billion rubles were found there. The money was initially confiscated but later returned to Prigoshin.

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