Dominance in the area behind the murder of Jubo League workers in Dhaka, arrest 2: RAB


RAB has arrested two persons in connection with the murder of Jubo League worker Aliullah Rubel (36) in Shahjahanpur of the capital.

The arrested two are Md. Adnan Asif (20) and Md. Shakeel (20). They were arrested from Uttara area of ​​the capital on Saturday. RAB informed this information in a press release on Sunday. RAB says that the killings took place due to the spread of dominance in the area.

Last Thursday night, the miscreants cut Aliullah with sharp weapons and left with serious injuries. He was lying on the road in a bloody state. Later he was rescued and taken to a local hospital. The doctor declared him dead there.

According to family sources, Aliullah was an aspirant for the post of General Secretary of Ward No. 12 of Dhaka Metropolitan South Jubo League. Before this, he served as the office secretary in the 2014-15 committee of Shahjahanpur Thana Chhatra League.

RAB said in the press release that Aliullah used to do wholesale business of internet and eggs in the area. Recently he was trying to join the drinking water supply business in the area. Originally, he had an enmity with a man named Shahjalal over dominance in the area. Aliullah was killed because of this enmity.

According to RAB, on the instructions of Shahjalal, a day before the incident, Habib, Sunny, Alif, Shakeel, Asif and others arranged a plan to give Aliullah ‘proper education’ in the grounds of Malibagh Government Colony. On the day of the incident, at around 11 pm, Asif and Shakeel took a position at the road where Aliullah went to his home. Others took a position a little further from there. Habib, Sunny, Alif and others were in this team. They were waiting with sharp weapons to kill Aliullah. Shakeel and Asif were informing others about Aliullah’s location. When Aliullah advanced, Habib, who had taken a position in advance, attacked Aliullah with his forces.

According to RAB, during preliminary interrogation, the arrested persons said that the murder was planned by Shahjalal. Aliullah had a conflict with Shahjalal over the expansion of dominance in the area. Because of this, Shahjalal got angry and assigned Habib to kill Aliullah.


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