Hazlewood praying the rain forecast comes true, Bairstow expecting it to be wrong


Australia to save the Ashes rain! It may sound strange. Rain is not a person who can be persuaded. Nor is it a device that can be technically tamed. Rain is only natural. Whether the clouds will fall or not is not under the control of the people, even the most modern technology. So we can only pray and hope that it will not rain. The Australian team is now praying and hoping for rain to avoid defeat in the Old Trafford Test.

Australia are in a state of flux, having advanced to the Ashes with wins at Edgbaston and Lord’s. Old Trafford is also reeling after the loss at Headingley. After Pat Cummins’ team were bowled out for 317 in the first innings, England scored 592 runs. Batting in the second innings trailing by 275 runs, 4 wickets fell to score 113 runs on the third day.

Australia is still 162 runs behind England. 6 wickets in hand. To avoid defeat, this run will have to be paid for, England will also have to set a big target for the fourth innings. But that is quite difficult, Australia knows well. Avoiding loss of innings has become the main challenge for now. Rain can come as a savior for Australia at such a time. Weather reports suggest heavy rain on the fourth and fifth days of the Old Trafford Test. And it is good for Australia if the game is stopped in rain.

Jos Hazlewood, who came to the press conference for Australia after the third day’s play, was asked if his team was now praying for rain. Hazlewood replied directly without hiding his heart, ‘Yes, I will be very happy if it rains. It would be nice to have some overs wasted. The rain will make things a little easier for us to hang on to the match.’

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