I want to see more movies like this, Subarna Mustafa saw Prahelika


The fourth week of Eid movie release is going on. In the last few years, the movies released this Eid are looking very good. Still ‘Priyatma’, ‘Suranga’ are reporting house full shows in the theaters of the country and outside the country. The film ‘Prahelika’ is not going down. Although released in a small number of theaters, the audience’s interest towards the film is quite positive.

Meanwhile, a special screening of the film was held at the Star Cineplex in Mohakhali, Dhaka, on Friday. Many people from film, television drama and music industry were present in it. As the senior actor Dolly Jahoor came to enjoy the film, so did the actors of this generation Dighi.

Many who came to the exhibition commented that director Chayanika Chowdhury was very careful in selecting the actors in the film ‘Prahelika’. Most of his actors in various roles have been tested by the artists of different sections of the entertainment industry who have come to see the movie.

However, most of them said that the picture of the song is a mystery. The director has made a collection of great songs. Many have also said about the visualization. Actor and Member of Parliament Subarna Mustafa gave a Facebook post after watching the film. There he mentioned ‘Prahelika’ as a different kind of movie.

Subarna Mustafa wrote, ‘I got out after watching “Prahelika”. A very different picture. This is the first time I have seen this kind of story in our film. The good news is that a film out of the past has been made and is gaining popularity. Our audience is ready for images of different dimensions. As “Hawa” added a different dimension and the audience embraced it, the same is true of Riddle.’

‘Prahelika’ is Chayanika Chowdhury’s second film. Earlier she made Miss World. The first film featured Parimony and Siam, but this time Mahfuz Ahmed and Bubli are seen in the lead roles. Apart from this, some other characters have caught the attention of the audience. Suborna Mustafa’s attention is also caught by the performers. He said, ‘A handful of characters. Very good acting, especially Bubli. Acting on par with proven actors like Mahfuz Ahmed and Nasiruddin Khan is a big deal. Mahfuz’s characterization keeps the audience engaged. Nasir once again proved how big an actor he is. Setu, Apu they are good enough.’

Subarna Mustafar was supposed to act in the film ‘Bishvasundari’ directed by Chayanika Chowdhury. Names were also announced at the Mahrat ceremony. But in the end it was not possible. But went to the theater and saw the film. And so he compared with the film ‘Prahelika’. Subarna said, ‘Chainika Chowdhury has surpassed the first film in her second film. Congratulations to him. I really liked the music, background score and cinematography of the film. I want to see more movies like this. Kudos to Panth Shahriar for a beautiful story and clean dialogues. Congratulations Chayan, keep up the good work.’
Dolly Zahoor, Subarna Mustafa, Aruna Biswas, Mostafa Sarayar Farooqui, Shahiduzzaman Salim, Asif Iqbal, Rozi Siddiqui, Asif Akbar, Tanya Ahmed, Sweety, Tareen, Meher Afroz Shaon, Opi Karim, Ishita, Nasurat Imroz Tisha, Arun Chowdhury, Debashish Biswas, Anisur appeared as guests at the special screening of the film ‘Prahelika’. Rahman Milan, Kana, Arifin Shubo, Runa Khan, Monira Mithu, Mamnoon Imon, Nipun, Moushumi Nag, Farhana Nisho, Imran, Konal, Bhavna, Sadia Ayman, Tapu Khan, Himel Ashraf and the film’s producer Jamal Hossain and others.

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