In English it was said ‘Zayed Khan from Bangladesh’, then I was getting emotional: Zayed Khan


Dhallywood’s popular actor Zayed Khan received ‘The Humanitarian Platinum Leadership Award’ along with 40 citizens of the world last Thursday. He said that he had a sleepless night since last Wednesday. Because, this is the first time he is going to get an ‘international’ award. He received that honor from the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York, USA. All in all, the evening of 20th July became one of the most memorable events in Zayed’s life.

Posted on Facebook on Friday, Zayed Khan received an award from the Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research, an organization affiliated to the United Nations in America. According to the online version of several media, this award was given from the United Nations Headquarters. However, according to several sources, the United Nations has no affiliation with the ‘Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research’, which awarded Zayed Khan. Basically, this organization rents a hall room of the United Nations and awards various people. On 20 September 2022, a domain was bought in the name of this organization and the website was launched by some professional people. A person named Carlos Manuel Perez Gonzales is the president of this organization and Dr. Another founder is Andrzej Bess.

On receiving this award, Zayed Khan said, ‘How much of an honor it is for me, cannot be explained. I am Bangladeshi among the citizens of different countries of the world.

My name was number 11 in the list. When it was said in English to receive the award, “Zayed Khan from Bangladesh”, I was getting emotional. I got on the stage and accepted the award. I was repeatedly overwhelmed with emotion by people’s applause. The achievement is a glory for our country. Best achievement of my life. I dedicated the achievement to the country.’ He also said, ‘All of us have been assigned as peace ambassadors for two years. We will work for the peace of society.’

It is known that people who work for harmony, peace and sustainable development in their respective places are honored with The Humanitarian Platinum Leadership Award.

This year 40 people from the world have been given this award. Among them, actor Zayed Khan received this honor from Bangladesh. The award is presented jointly by the Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research and The Humanitarian Focus Foundation.

Zayed Khan went to New York for the second time to participate in the Dhaliwood Film and Music Awards organized in the United States before Eid-ul-Azha. This actor is still traveling in the country. Participating in several events. Zayed said, ‘Almost all the states of the United States are over. having a good time I will return to the country soon.’

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