PSG will now play their pre-season friendly in Asia. Kylian Mbappe has been left out of PSG’s squad for the tour of Japan and South Korea. Thus, the fact that PSG will play the pre-season friendly match without Mbappe will add more air to the rumors of a change of the French striker.

After Lionel Messi announced his move to Inter Miami, Mbappe wrote to PSG saying he no longer wants to stay in Paris after next season. Rumor has it, PSG’s all-time top scorer wants to move to Real Madrid.

After Mbappé sent that letter, PSG are scrambling to sell him this time around. Because, if he cannot be sold in this team change, he will become a free player next season. Then PSG will not get any income from his transfer.

Mbappe, however, does not want to leave the club this time. He wants to leave PSG after the contract expires. Then the French striker will get a huge ‘loyalty’ bonus. Real also wants to bring him to the team as a free player without a transfer fee in the next season.

With this, PSG’s relationship with Mbappe also started to deteriorate. Many criticized Mbappe. While this is the case, news broke yesterday that PSG have offered Mbappe an incredible 10-year contract of €1 billion .

It was understood that PSG wanted to stop Mbappe in any way. But Mbappe, who joined PSG from Monaco in 2017, has said from the start that he does not want money. He wants to fulfill his childhood dream by signing for Real Madrid. Mbappe has been left out of the team for the Asia tour due to this.

PSG also gave Mbappe a deadline of July 15 to respond. But Mbappe did not answer within the specified time. Not getting an answer, now the club is going to put him on the sale list. Now it’s a matter of seeing what is written in his future in the end!

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