Recruitment of Primary Teachers: Subjective Model Test-9


For the recruitment of assistant teachers in government primary schools, department-wise circulars have been published instead of simultaneous circulars as before. Notifications have already been published in three phases. Now is the time to prepare. Prothom Alo has organized subject wise model test for the preparation of the candidates. Biswajit Sur, assistant teacher of Gowalnagar Government Primary School, Kotwali Police Station, Dhaka, prepared a model test on Bengali subjects in the ninth phase of regular organization .

1. ‘Who wants to live in poverty of freedom’—from which book is the passage selected?
a) Shurasundari
b) Karmadevi
c) Niti Kusumanjali
d) Padmini Upakhayan

2. ‘Veera

ngana’ by Madhusudan Dutta—
a) epic poem
b) epistolary poem
c) lyrical poem
d) narrative poem

3. What is the meaning of the saying ‘Charity begins at home’?
a) House first, but then
b) Your house is your favorite house
c) Everyone loves your house
d) First, then your house

4. Which is the conjunction of ‘Sandhi’?
a) sam+dhi
b) sam + dhi
c) sam + dhi
d) sam + dhi

5. ‘Abira’ refers to what kind of women?
a) Whose husband is submissive
b) Who has no son
c) Who has no husband and son
d) Who is not married

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