Two more women were allegedly raped and killed in Manipur on the same day


The state of Manipur in the north-eastern part of India is in turmoil after the gang-rape and sexual abuse of two women. Protests are going on across India after the video of this incident went viral. Among these, two more women have been accused of gang-rape and murder in Manipur.

According to the FIR filed with the police, the incident took place on May 4 in Imphal, the capital of Manipur. However, no one was arrested. An hour after two women were gang-raped and sexually assaulted, two more women were gang-raped and killed.

Not only did these two events happen on the same day, but in close proximity. All the women victims of torture and rape belong to the Kuki community. In Manipur at that time there was violence between the local Kuki and Maiti communities.

Two female brothers who were victims of rape and torture. Their father filed an FIR with the local police station. A copy of it has come to Hindustan Times.

According to the FIR, one of the two sisters is 21 years old. Another 24 years. During the clash, a group of people forced their way into the house. The two sisters were then gang-raped and killed.

Last Wednesday, a video of Manipur women being sexually assaulted went viral on social media. Soon after this, protests spread across India. The incident took place on May 4. Violence broke out between the state’s Kuki and Maiti communities just days before.

In the video, a group of youths are seen walking the two women through the village road and taking them to Dhankhet. The two women are completely naked and some of the youths are sexually assaulting the two women as they walk. Two women are crying and begging to be released.

The short video also shows the women being taken to an unknown location through the paddy fields. It is alleged that one of the two women was gang-raped. The incident was reported to the police station on May 18. But the police did not take any initiative. The police arrested four people after the video was released last Wednesday.


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