The interview is the first interview with renowned writer Humayun Ahmed. It was taken on 21 January 1986. Then Humayun Ahmed returned from the United States and began to gain popularity. Assistant Professor of Dhaka University. This interview from that time reveals a young writer who is bright, funny and confident. And here besides Humayun, his mother Ayesha Faiz and his wife Gultekin Ahmed are about him. All in all, this is an excellent arrangement to understand Humayun Ahmed at that time. Interviewed by Shakur Majid .

Humayun Ahmed’s words

I was an eighth grade student (1980) when I first met a writer named Humayun Ahmed while watching Humayun Faridi’s play ‘Nirbasan’. Later I found out that three more novels of this writer have come out – Writer’s camp award-winning ‘Nandit Narake’, ‘Shankhaneel Kargar’ and science fiction ‘Toma Akhti Vahalaba’. It didn’t take me much time to read all three books at once due to their accessibility. After that, I did not read any of his writings in Eid number or any other paper for quite some time. Many friends used to say that Humayun Ahmed is dead. I believed myself. Then suddenly one day I saw a drama by Humayun Ahmed on television probably titled ‘Pratham Paharre’. But the doubt was not over yet. It was suspected that ‘Nandit Narake’ is Humayun Ahmed. Or someone else? Then, of course, when I opened the Eid numbers, I saw the name of the long-desired novelist—a long seven-year Ph.D. in polymer chemistry who has established himself in a unique position in modern Bengali prose literature, which is his alone. And if the relentless demands of the publishers and the absolute love of the readers are the criteria of popularity, then Humayun Ahmed is undoubtedly the most popular novelist of Bangladesh.

On behalf of ‘Disha’, I and Babu went to her residence in Azimpur in the late afternoon of 21 January 1986. The tidy drawing room of the shabby middle class. His younger sister is doing watercolors on the floor. Welcomed by cartoonist Ahsan Habib (younger brother of Humayun Ahmed). Humayun Ahmed came out with a happy face and asked, “Tell me, brother, what can I do?”

I said, start with your personal life?
(Since the purpose of arrival was fixed by prior communication.)
: No objection.

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