This news is known to many, actress Hridi Haque is becoming a director. Anudan’s film ‘1971 Se Sab Din’ directed by Hridi Haque will release on August 18. After the release of the hand-drawn poster, the first song of the film is here. Kamruzzaman Roni and Ishrat Ani have sung the song titled ‘Jachcho Kair’. Written by director Hridi Haque, the song is composed by Devjyoti Mishra.

The artists have been receiving praise since the release of the song on social media last Thursday evening. Two important actors of the film Sajal and Sanjeeda Preeti participated in the scene of the song on screen. The imagery of the song looks like a spring morning in the seventies. Love, murder in the eyes of Sajal and Preeti.

Leaves and flowers are scattered on the road. And Preeti in Basanti saree. All in all, they are seen in a completely different way in the song. Which is being discussed on social media.

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