Kohra: This Hindi series has been the talk of the town ever since its release


You don’t know almost any of the brides and grooms of the series. There was no publicity about the series before its release. Still why watch the series? Why do those who have seen it call it one of the best Hindi serials of this year? It is difficult to answer in one word. Rather, let’s start from the beginning. You might get the answer at the end of the story.

‘The Night Manager’, ‘Trial by Fire’, ‘Forgey’, ‘Scoop’, ‘Daahar’ to ‘Jubilee’—one after the other in the first six months of this year, the acclaimed series has been released. The beginning of the next six months is also great.

‘Kohra’ released on Netflix on July 14, the six-episode series was not much talked about before its release. Netflix did not promote it that way either. But series lovers knew that something good was coming. Because, the creator of this series is Sandeep Sharma! Earlier, movies like ‘Udta Punjab’, series like ‘Patal Lok’ have come out.

A few days ago, the series ‘Asur 2’, which was released on Jio Cinema, was not less talked about. If you are a fan of this series, and have a habit of watching Indian TV serials, then you must know the name Varun Sabti.

In ‘Kohra’, only his name will come to the acquaintance of our people, you may discover many others for the first time. With an almost unknown cast, how did the series capture the audience and critics after its release without any publicity?

There is no way not to be impressed by the magic that the ‘Kohra’ team has created by combining story, screenplay, acting and production. But this is not the case that it is a very tight story, hiding twists every time. Again, this is not a series where many things will go over your head.

British expat Indian Paul comes to his home state of Punjab to get married. But his body was found to be eaten before marriage. Who killed him? Along with his friend Liam, he is also a British citizen. Stranger, where did he go abroad? Punjab Police sub-inspector Balbir Singh and his ASE Garundi were named in the investigation. Although ‘Kohra’ sounds like a crime thriller, it is not. The makers have made a great drama at the crossroads of murder investigation. Sudeep Sharma has given proof of what happens when he tells the story of Punjab in ‘Udta Punjab’. He is no exception here.
In the series, he brought up drugs, the tendency of Punjabi women to marry expatriate grooms and settle abroad, corrupt police, politicians—everything.

Subinder Vicky as the main character of the series, Balbir Singh, has given a wonderful performance. Disorientation in the investigation, family failure, professional failure, pressure from above – he has portrayed it brilliantly. Varun Sabit is also great as his subordinate Garundi. As well as the other suitors of the series. The series also featured Rachel Shelley, who became known to Indian audiences almost two decades ago in the Aamir Khan starrer ‘Logan’.

In this year, another mini series of Netflix, ‘Trial by Fire’, created a lot of discussion after its release. Randeep Jha, one of the two makers of that series, directed ‘Kohra’. After the success of two consecutive series, the audience will be waiting for his next work.

‘Kohra’ means fog. The first scene of the series also begins in fog. Almost all the characters in ‘Kohra’ are grey, each with different layers of character. This is what took the series to another level. Sex is one of the important themes in ‘Kohra’. But how, you have to watch the whole series to know that.

Behind the investigative thriller, ‘Kohra’ is actually a generation gap story. The difference between the needs of the young generation, their lifestyle and the communication of their previous generation, has been shown. The series has also reminded how terrible the consequences of this gap between parents and children can be.


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