Naeem’s journey with a different plan


Naeem has many popular plays. Suddenly fans were not seeing him on screen regularly. As if he was losing himself day by day. ‘Mission Huntdown’ seems to have made up for his hiatus. Naeem’s performance has been appreciated. This actor is very happy with this. But not only the fans are also getting appreciation from the directors.

Naeem said, ‘After the release of the series, the directors are saying that it is not easy to drag a character for 10 episodes alone. It is not enough to be the central character, it is a big thing to make it acceptable to everyone – this is what I am hearing more and more. That’s right, I used to hold the audience for 40 minutes in dramas. Or 20 minutes in serial. But in episode 10, a person sits down to watch, not getting up while watching, it is a big challenge. First work with Sunny Sanwar, great experience.’

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