Oceangate Expeditions organizes deep-sea adventure trips to see the wreckage of the Titanic. On June 18, only 22 feet long submarine Titan entered the deep ocean with 5 researchers. These explorers could not return with their lives. How did these inquisitive people die?

April, 1912. Titanic is floating in the South Atlantic. Going from England to New York with 2 thousand 240 passengers. Trouble happened on the last night. Hitting the ice, the Titanic slowly sank into the ocean. The huge ship sank at a depth of about 12,000 feet with 1,500 lives.

About 111 years later. ‘One glance will take your breath away,’ said Fred Hazen, the explorer who returned to see the wreckage of the Titanic by pressing on the Titan last year. In his words, ‘Slowly the Titan will take you to the famous staircase of the Titanic. Where the giant chandelier is still stuck.’ For such a wonderful experience, Titanic researcher Paul Henri Nargiolet joined Stockton Rush in this expedition of Titan. Known as ‘Mr Titanic’, this oceanographer has visited the wreck of the Titanic 35 times. Pakistani-born British citizen Shahzada Dawood and his 19-year-old son Suleman were with him. was 58-year-old British explorer Hamish Harding. Each of them had to pay two and a half million dollars or about 2 crore 72 lakh taka for the breathtaking expedition of this submarine.

June 18, Sunday. 8 am Titan began to descend deep into the ocean using the weight of the sandbag first. A two and a half hour journey begins. On the other hand, the auxiliary ship Polar Prince monitors everything from above. At 5:40 p.m. that day, the ship sent a distress message to the US Coast Guard. After receiving the message, the Coast Guard started the rescue operation. Within hours, more rescue ships from four countries joined the operation. Titan had an additional 96 hours of oxygen reserves. So the people of the world were hoping that the explorers would return alive. However, four days into the expedition, on June 22, the wreckage of the Titanic was found 1,600 feet away from the Titanic. Five fragments were found at the bottom of the sea. Understandably, Titan exploded as a result of the sudden collapse. The Coast Guard joins the operation to ensure the death of all. In a statement, the US Navy and Coast Guard said,

The US Coast Guard released more detailed information on the rescue operation. The Oceangate Expedition launched the Titan without obtaining safety clearance from any government agency. The experimentally launched Titan was controlled with a normal game controller. Before launching the Oceangate Expedition in 2009, Rush was a flight test engineer. His job was to fly and test new aircraft as they were developed. However, he did not confirm the safety of this submersible.

The Titan’s outer shell was made of a special steel Buonot, which is less expensive than carbon fiber. Since the start of the Titan mission launched in 2018, questions about its safety have been repeatedly raised. Even the Oceangate staff themselves have repeatedly told everyone about the Titan’s various flaws. However, Rush has repeatedly stopped everyone with such nonsense as ‘if you want to be safe, don’t get out of bed’.

When the submarine is twisted and twisted by the pressure of the water so deep in the sea, then there is no chance to return alive. The passengers are about to die instantly before they know anything.


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