‘Tunnel’ released in West Bengal, congratulated by Prasenjit, Subhasreera


The ‘tunnel’-craze of audiences in the theaters of the country continues. The Afran Nisho and Tama Mirza starrer has doubled its collection in its fourth week of release. On Friday, the ‘Tunnel’ was released across the country’s borders for West Bengal viewers.
Directed by Raihan Rafi, the film is being screened in 31 theaters in Kolkata and its surrounding cities.

The film’s director Raihan Rafi, one of the producers Shahriar Shakeel, the two main artists of the film Afran Nisho and Tama Mirza arrived in Kolkata on the occasion of the release. For two days, they are giving interviews about the film in various media there. In the meantime, the news of the release of ‘Tunnel’ has come out in various televisions, newspapers, web portals.

Raihan Rafi told Prothom Alo on WhatsApp from Kolkata on Friday evening on the day of release, ‘Today the film has been released in 31 halls. Came here two days ago to promote the film. I came and saw that people here are very interested in the film before its release. Posters of “Tunnel” adorn the walls of Kolkata and its surrounding cities. And many fans of Nisho are here.’

Raihan Rafi also said about the audience of the film on the first day, ‘I have yet to know the news outside Kolkata. But I got news of audience in multiplex in Kolkata. Great response. Those who have seen it, spoken to one or two, have praised the film. It seems, like in Dhaka, there may be a storm of visitors in the multiplex.’

Rafi said that the premiere of the film was held at the Acropolis Mall in Kolkata on Friday evening at seven o’clock.

He said, ‘I went before the show and saw a crowd of hundreds of people. Seeing the audience’s interest in seeing their films in other countries was a different kind of pleasure.’

Meanwhile, on the occasion of the release of the film in West Bengal, actor Prosenjit, actress Subhasree and many others from Tollywood tweeted their wishes to the team of ‘Suranga’. Prosenjit wrote, ‘Congratulations to everyone on the “Tunnel” team.’ On the other hand, Subhasree wrote, ‘Good luck to the “Tunnel” team.’


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